Places to Find the Tallest Trees in the World

Whether you’re travelling for specific reasons or just for a good time, there is always a way to appreciate natures beauty in the middle of your trip or even if you make that the main goal. Trees are often taken for granted but today I want to introduce you to some of the tallest trees in the world and where you can travel to see them.

Hyperion is currently believed to be the tallest tree in the world. However, other trees are also considered tallest globally due to their great heights.

Hyperion is the tallest tree in the world. It is found in California’s Redwood National Park. This tree stands at 115.54m. That is equivalent to 379.1 feet above the ground. It’s estimated that the age of this tree ranges from 700 to 800 years. Its exact location is inaccessible to the public. That’s because it is feared that the tree’s ecosystem might be disrupted by tourists. This Redwood was discovered by Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor on August 25th, 2006. Its height was 378.1 feet at that time. However, researchers found that the tree measured 379.1feet later. This is the height that the Guinness World Record recognized. Hyperion is remarkable because it’s located on a hillside with 96% of the other redwoods having been logged already. Before its discovery, there were other redwoods at the same place holding the record.


Helios is also another tall tree in California. It’s in the same park as Hyperion. This tree was considered the tallest in the world from June 1st to August 25th, 2006. It is 376.6 feet tall and it was considered the tallest tree in the world before Hyperion was discovered. This redwood is also protected from loggers and tourists’ damage.


This is the third-tallest tree globally. It is 371.2 feet tall. This tree is found in the Redwood National and State Parks, California. Researchers discovered this redwood in July 2006. The diameter of the Icarus measures 12.4 feet.

Stratosphere Giant

This tree was considered the tallest in the world until Hyperion, Helios, and Icarus were discovered. This redwood stands at 371 feet above the ground and researchers discovered it in 2000. It is situated in the Humboldt National Park, California. The location of this tree is covered by trees whose length is almost the same.


Among Eucalyptus trees, the Centurion is the tallest. As of 2014, this tree had a height of 327.5 feet. It is situated in Tasmania, Australia. Forest rangers discovered this tree in 2008 while analyzing data that mapping equipment had collected. Its diameter is 13.28 feet. It has a girth of 39.4 feet. Researchers estimate that the Centurion woods amount to 268 cubic meters.

Coast Douglas-fir

This is also one of the tallest trees in the world. It has a height of 327 feet. The Coast Douglas-fir is located in Brummit Creek, Oregon. Of all conifers in the world, the Coast Douglas-fir is the tallest. These trees are not tall but they reach a significant height. Their lifespan ranges from 500 to 1,000 years. However, their number has reduced globally due to logging. Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world towering up to 300 feet or 91 meters above the ground with ease. The tallest of them are found in California. Some travelers visit California to see them. For instance, after the tallest redwood was discovered back in 2006, a New Yorker writer climbed it near the top and wrote a story describing the experience. Other people travel to California just to see and photograph the tallest trees in the world.

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Low Cost Travel Transportation Tips to Save Money

For travellers looking to see new places without burning a hole in their pockets, these amazing low cost travel transportation tips are for you! Going on a vacation is never cheap, but there are certain areas of the trip where you can save without making much effort.

If you’re a budget traveler than you have arrived at your destination:

Hire Taxi

Hiring a cab for transportation might sound expensive especially while travelling, however updated information provided by Brandon MB Taxi has stated, in the modern world you can actually end up saving more than a few bucks. There are amazing deals and offers that accompany your vacation, to help save money and travel safe. You can now simply relax and enjoy the benefits of a road trip without actually doing the hard work of driving.

Compare Prices

Always compare prices of cabs on the thousands of websites available on the net. Simply enter your starting point and destination, and you can see hundreds of cabs and their prices. Compare, book, and enjoy the best time of your life.


In much larger cities, there are many carpool taxi services that can help you save even more on your transportation. Want more benefit? You can also make friends along the way that are your fellow avid travellers and share some wonderful stores.

Travel With Friends

If you decide to travel with family or friends, you can easily split the cost of transportation with your loved ones. Your bond will go stronger and you will make memories of a lifetime. More the merrier!

Cook Your Meals

If you’ll be staying at a rented apartment like air b’n’b, chances are you will get kitchen loaded with appliances. The best way to save money is to cook your own meals and save money on food in a big way.  You can enjoy meals at your favorite restaurant, but you can also limit the cost by cooking once or twice at your place.

Consider Renting A Bike

This idea may seem daunting to some but it will save money in the long run. You can more than likely find some where in the city you travel to a place that rents bicycles for tourists. It is low cost and may be even more exciting than renting a vehicle. There is plenty of benefit to riding through a new city on a bike and it can also be a great way to include some free exercise during your travels.

Traveling is one of the foremost bliss of human life. You get to see new parts of the world, meet extraordinary people, and make memories that will connect with your soul. Now you can save more then a few bucks with these amazing tips.

How to Become a Travelling DJ & Make a Good Living Doing It

While this is ultimately a blog about providing simple ideas to save money while travelling, I thought it would be equally as helpful to share some insight on how you can even make some extra money during your vacation or travelling. Saving money is one thing when planning to take a vacation but in order to increase your bank account, you need to get a little creative. Here’s a few tips from a DJ company I interviewed that travels regularly to offer their services in addition to servicing local events.

You can visit their website and learn about their Winnipeg dj service.

The nightlife industry is one of the most glamorous and lucrative today. This has led to an increasing demand for DJs across the world. In addition to the fun that comes with it, becoming a travelling DJ can also earn you a lot of money. It is indeed possible to make a good living as a DJ. In fact, there are many traveling DJs that are already making a killing from this art.

To help you understand just how much money you can make as a travelling DJ, consider the likes of DJ Tiesto, Calvin Harris and Deadmaus. These three made a whopping $32 million, $46 million and $21 million respectively in just one year. But, how do they do it? Here are useful tips on how to become a travelling DJ and make a good living doing it.

Create a Game Plan

When reading this, you most likely have the basic training as a DJ already. You also know how to operate the equipment and software for this job. For convenience, it is advisable that you have your own DJ kit. Besides, you should also continue perfecting the art of spinning various genres as well as mixing your own music.

Once you have your own DJ kit and known how to make music, you can now think about how quickly you need to start earning from it. It’s also important to decide whether to focus on just a particular genre of music or cut across genres. When coming up with a game plan, consider working independently or with a reputable event company.

Work on Developing Contacts and Fan Base

Whether you choose to operate as a wedding DJ, birthday party DJ or club DJ that makes and spins records at bigger events, you will need a well developed network and fan base. Even if you have the best skills and the latest DJ kit but you don’t have contacts, you might still not earn a dime. To make a good living as a travelling DJ, work hard to establish beneficial networks.

Mastering the art of self promotion is integral to making money as a travelling DJ. Wedding and birthday parties DJs may not need to do a lot of networking. That’s because, attendants of such events do not necessarily come to listen to the music. The main agenda is to show appreciation and wish their loved ones best of luck. Interactions with their friends or relatives are also at the core of the event. As a result, even the pay for the DJs at these events is low.

To start making good money as a travelling DJ, you need to consider the available options when it comes to developing a proper network and fan base.

Here are tips to guide you:  

  • Prepare and submit your mixes to record labels, clubs, music promoters as well as other DJs. In addition to sending the mixes, make meeting with the record label owners and music promoters directly an obligation. Take time to make appearances at clubs.
  • Cultivate a unique image and style of music. Make your stage persona one hard to ignore and focus on delivering energetic performances whenever you get opportunities.
  • Present yourself as a business. For people out there to take you seriously, look like a business not just an individual. Get a good name, logo and theme that distinguish you from the rest. You can even create a name for your fan base. An example is the ‘Mellogang’ by Marshmello.
  • Make your music consistent. As a DJ, playing music is your main act. If you play music that sucks, you will definitely never get far. The best way to ensure consistency is by focusing on music that cut across the stereotypes. It is also important that you have people listen to your records frequently and give their opinions.
  • Get to the internet. Use the internet to make music and promote your brand. Create dedicated social media accounts where you share your records with the rest of the world. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud are great for self promotion, networking and generating extra cash.

Being a successful travelling DJ entails many things but raw talent, hard work, promotion, and a cool personality that fans love to identify with are the basic tricks. Also start to befriend other players in the industry including music promoters, record label owners, artistes and other disk jockeys. Being persistent will also make you a successful traveling DJ that will make good living doing it.

How to Improve Your Trip without Spending More Money

Everybody wants to enjoy an unforgettable travel experience without spending more money. But, enjoying a great travel experience doesn’t have to come at a higher price.

There are things that you can do to improve your trip without spending more money. They include the following:

Watching Out for Lucrative Deals

A sure way to enhance your trip without spending more money is taking advantage of lucrative deals. For instance, sign up for airlines email lists. This will enable you to know when airlines offer discounts that will enable you to enjoy a great travel experience without spending a fortune. In fact, some airlines offer special bonuses that enable customers to save money on restaurants, hotels, and cars whenever they travel.

Know Where to Shop

There are times when stores, accommodation providers, and other establishments at travel destinations offer discounts. Find out about these discounts before you travel and plan to take advantage of them. You can save money when you shop at such establishments and spend it elsewhere. For instance, if you shop through airline malls, you may save money and spend it on a better hotel room.

Spend More Time with the Locals

There are many things that you can do with the locals at your travel destination and have fun without spending money. For instance, you can hang out with the locals learning their language or teaching them English. In fact, some locals will let you stay at their places free of charge. This will save you money that you would spend on a hotel room. And, you will have a better experience since you will tour your destination and live like the locals.

Get a City Tourist’s Card

If you intend to see more sights within a city, get a city tourist’s card. This offers free or discounted access to major museums and attractions in some cities.

Basically, these are some of the best ways to improve your trip without spending more money. Consider some of them during your next trip to enjoy your travel experience to the fullest without spending a fortune.

4 Cities to Visit That Won’t Break Your Bank Account

Visiting some cities is a preserve for the wealthy. That’s because office closings, school holidays, Christmas, and New Year’s vacations make most trips to these cities quite expensive. But, there are cities that you can visit without breaking your bank account.

They include:

  1. Prague

There is something inherently romantic and magical about the Czech Republic’s capital. Perhaps, this is the reputation of this city as a time-stop and cultural destination. Prague is simply amazing and you can come across street musicians that will entertain you without paying a fortune. You can also wander along the Naplavka riverbank or hang out like a local.

  1. Berlin

This city is known for numerous things including an underground culture and a rugged architecture. Berlin has a complex and varied culture. And, you can enjoy the amazing luxury of this city on a dime. You can also explore the stunning grounds on the Charlottenburg Palace as well as the impressive 17th Century palace that holds the most exquisite art, collections, and gardens of antiquities in Berlin. You can also get a Berlin Welcome Card to save money with free or discounted entry into some museums.

  1. Edinburgh

The hilly Scotland capital is another city that you can visit without breaking your bank account. This city has twisted corners, hidden gems galore, and cobbled streets that every traveler will love to explore. It is a perfect city to visit when you want to experience elegance. Edinburgh is known for culture and art that you can catch without spending a fortune. It also has a stunning architecture and the perfect Old Town where you can spend the day. The Royal Mile and the Edinburg Castle are also must-sees for travellers. As a building inspector and having interest in architecture, my friend Marc from has visited Edinburgh and says he appreciates the eloquent architecture that it displays throughout the city.

  1. Warsaw

This is among the cheapest summer holiday destinations in Europe. The bustle and hustle of the Poland’s capital are juxtaposed against its historical architecture. And this architecture tells the fascinating story of this city and its tragic past. Visit the Old Town Market Place and the Rynek Starego Miasta without spending a fortune.

These are the 4 cities to visit that won’t break your bank account. A trip to any of these cities provides a chance to indulge in unique, exclusive, and classy culture, hotels, foods and drinks. Travel to any of these cities to enjoy a bespoke holiday without burning a hole in your pocket.